Throwback Thursday

Join the Cape Cinema for Throwback Thursdays throughout the summer and enjoy some classic favorites from over the years. All shows begin at 7:00 PM. Double check dates as some Thursdays may feature a concert or other event. We have padded the season with break weeks just in case, so a given show would be moved rather than cancelled and we will announce such changes as soon as possible. Tickets will go on sale no more than a couple weeks ahead of time. And be sure to buy tickets for the Rocky Horror finale at the end of the summer so you can do the time warp again!

Individual Tickets: Adults: $10.00| Seniors: $8.00| Children: $6.50

$5.00 Throwback Pricing Deal: This year we are doing something new. For anyone who would like to benefit from this pricing you need only purchase the entire throwback season up front. For $50 you will get a special gift card that will be used for each of the 10 shows. This ensures you a ticket at the lower price without having to pre-purchase or wait for tickets to go live. You will still need to have the card with you when you come each week and we will use it to give you your special ticket.

Please note we have a few policies in place to help make sure you get your money's worth. First off, we will be offering this deal through the first half the season. Shows that have past will deduct from the cost (for example buying this after 2 shows have past will cost $40). However, you will be unable to get retroactive pricing (no partial refunds after-the-fact). We are doing this promotion as a special gift card so that, should a date get moved a week or you simply cannot make it, you will be able to use the $5.00 value of that ticket for something else. To ensure this money is not spent inappropriately or accidentally, this usage will be limited to AFTER the season has ended but extends through the end of the year.

Finally, this is a gift card much like any other. It is, effectively, cash. We cannot look it, you, or the transaction up. Without the card, the money (and therefore throwback priced tickets) are lost. Take care not to lose it!


July 1st

After the members of a team of scientists (Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray) lose their cushy positions at a university in New York City, they decide to become "ghostbusters" to wage a high-tech battle with the supernatural for money. They stumble upon a gateway to another dimension, a doorway that will release evil upon the city. The Ghostbusters must now save New York from complete destruction.


July 15

When a young woman is killed by a shark while skinny-dipping near the New England tourist town of Amity Island, police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) wants to close the beaches, but mayor Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) overrules him, fearing that the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the town. Ichthyologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and grizzled ship captain Quint (Robert Shaw) offer to help Brody capture the killer beast, and the trio engage in an epic battle of man vs. nature.

The Mummy

July 22nd

An English librarian called Evelyn Carnahan becomes interested in starting an archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptra. She gains the help of Rick O'Connell, after saving him from his death. What Evelyn, her brother Jonathan and Rick are unaware of is that another group of explorers are interested in the same dig. Unfortunately for everyone, this group ends up unleashing a curse which been laid on the dead High Priest Imhotep. Now 'The Mummy' is awake and it's going to take a lot more than guns to send him back to where he came from.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

July 29th

The year is 1936. An archeology professor named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles of South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap but miraculously escapes. Then, Jones hears from a museum curator named Marcus Brody about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artifact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Rene Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it.

They Live

August 12th

Nada, a down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people being bombarded by media and government with messages like "Stay Asleep", "No Imagination", "Submit to Authority". Even scarier is that he is able to see that some usually normal-looking people are in fact ugly aliens in charge of the massive campaign to keep humans subdued.

When Harry Met Sally

August 19th

In 1977, college graduates Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) share a contentious car ride from Chicago to New York, during which they argue about whether men and women can ever truly be strictly platonic friends. Ten years later, Harry and Sally meet again at a bookstore, and in the company of their respective best friends, Jess (Bruno Kirby) and Marie (Carrie Fisher), attempt to stay friends without sex becoming an issue between them.

The Breakfast Club

August 26th

Five high school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention under a power-hungry principal (Paul Gleason). The disparate group includes rebel John (Judd Nelson), princess Claire (Molly Ringwald), outcast Allison (Ally Sheedy), brainy Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) and Andrew (Emilio Estevez), the jock. Each has a chance to tell his or her story, making the others see them a little differently -- and when the day ends, they question whether school will ever be the same.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 9th

In this cult classic, sweethearts Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and Janet meet a houseful of wild characters, including a rocking biker (Meat Loaf) and a creepy butler (Richard O'Brien). Through elaborate dances and rock songs, Frank-N-Furter unveils his latest creation: a muscular man named "Rocky."