Return of Memberships

As many of you know we have been working to get our entire membership system updated after last year. Many of you had memberships paid for that were unable to be used for months and months. The company who runs our system worked with us to add the amount of time that we were closed to existing members to get you back that missing time. Below are the details on that and what it might mean for you but the short story is memberships have officially been extended and we can provide you with new memberships, renewals, etc. once again. If nothing else please skip down to the final paragraph for some instructions on how to help us.

Due to the pandemic we remained closed from March 14th 2020 until May 21st 2021, approximately 14 months. To get that time back for our members we asked the company who handles the database to add 14 months onto all existing memberships and that time was added for everyone who had current memberships as of March 1st 2020.

What this means is that if your membership had expired before we closed then your membership had no time added. This is because it still would have expired anyways. Everyone else had 14 months added to their membership, but this does not mean that every single one is necessarily current today. The reason for this is that we have been open for over 2 months now and many of you will have had memberships that expired in that time. For example a membership that would have expired April 1st last year has been extended to June 1st this year but that date has passed and so that membership will have expired.

Because of this some of you will have memberships needing renewal while others will not. Some of you who have recently renewed may find that you will not need to again for quite a while given the extension. Regardless, the good news is that we can handle memberships fully and appropriately from now on. As we move forward we will be looking to finally get in the rewards points systems and will have more information on that soon. We also will be looking to implement a method by which you can scan or swipe your own card so that we can keep contactless transactions truly contactless (though the cards are still far cleaner than cash). We’ll have updates on that when we get there too..

Finally, we ask that you find your cards, if you can, and begin having them ready for us to swipe when you make your purchase. If you do not have a card please let us know that you are a member and that you have lost it so that we might give you a new one. Either way also please be prepared for membership renewals as they pop up and, if you would like to know your renewal date, please ask us before we handle your transaction and preferably when we aren’t too busy. And, if you are looking to get membership prices online keep a few things in mind: make sure you’re using the account connected to your membership, make sure you do not need to renew, and if you do not see the member price option after all that DO NOT make the purchase (it is far easier and quicker to just sell them at the door than to correct the wrong price and you’ll need the credit card either way). We look forward to welcoming folks back into our membership program and making that program even better for you all!