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The Cape Cinema offers a unique and desirable rental space. Situated off Route 6A, our historic site has been a hub of entertainment for over 90 years. While hosting movies we have also been the host of fundraisers, outreach screenings, concerts, business presentations, and more. Our rental space holds 300 people and has the capacity for a wide variety of personal and audio/video presentations.


Renting the Cape Cinema as a venue is perhaps even more common than the hosting of ticketed events. Venue rentals allow you to worry simply about the event as a whole or give you the control to ticket or invite people as you see fit. Whether you are a non-profit, a large business, or some other organization we can arrange the Cinema to be used in whatever way is right for you. Our screen, microphones, and lobby may be used for the duration of the event and we can provide the support for utilizing media for larger presentations for an additional fee based on the complexity required. In addition, venue rentals have the option of having our concessions open for guest purchases or to have pre-bought snacks or drinks available at no additional charge for them, arranged with you ahead of time at an agreed upon additional cost.


Venue rentals are arranged to best serve the needs of the client in terms of both day and time. The cost of the rental will be set based on the time of year, the time of week, and the length of the event. Base costs for a 3-hour event are listed below and additional hours can be arranged at a rate of $250 per hour beyond 3. For significantly long events, we suggest getting a hold of us as soon as possible to discuss arrangements and possible rates. Upon the initial signing of the rental arrangement the Cape Cinema will collect 50% of the rental fee.


If you would like to host a ticketed event, we can help by selling tickets through our own system. You only need to direct your audience to our site. For these types of events we can provide the use of our screen, microphones, and lobby for whatever you have planned.In the past we have held raffles, set up Q&As, held small tastings, and arranged multimedia use as necessary. For complex schedules including multiple technologies or media there may be an additional tech support fee to provide the extra time and hands to ensure things run smoothly.


Ticketed events are arranged and charged on a case to case basis. Generally, the events are ticketed through our system and a portion of the ticket price is kept by the Cape Cinema as the fee for utilizing the space. Based on this arrangement (and any discussed extras) we will provide a box office report and a check for the remaining amount paid out to the client at the conclusion of the event. Additionally, a guarantee will likely be arranged and asked for as a down payment for the rental of the space upon the signing of an agreement for the event.


For anyone just looking for the experience of visiting a theater to see a movie, we have a special new offering just for you. Private screenings are now available at the Cape Cinema! For small groups looking to do something special with their friends, we can accommodate groups of up to 25 guests. Private screening prices are dependent on the film you wish to see as rates change depending on the owner of the movie’s rights. However, all prices listed below include a free medium popcorn and medium soda for each member of your group. Additional concessions will be available for purchase to your group during the film as well, so guests who want to load up on candy, have a beer, or need more popcorn will have that option.To schedule a private screening please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance. If you are interested in a movie you do not see below, please contact us and we will see if it is available and how much it will cost.


  • Venue Rental

    • Includes use of lobby, atrium, screen, microphones, and technology support for up to 3 hours​

    • Weekdays $1,000

    • Weekends $1,200

    • $250 for each additional hour

    • Available concessions negotiable upon rental

    • Rates subject to adjustment based on time of day and previously scheduled events

  • Ticketed Event

    • Includes use of lobby for up to 45 minutes before the show and up to 2 1/2 hours screen time​

    • Ticket rate to be negotiated with 50% going to Cinema

    • Weekday guarentee of $600

    • Weekend guarentee of $800

    • Concessions available to cost of guests with additional concessions negotiable upon rental

    • Rates subject to adjustment based on time of day, previously scheduled events, and length of rental

  • Private Screening

    • Includes licensing of film and use of the lobby and screen for up to 3 hoursa

    • Weekdays $500

    • Weekends $700

    • Available concessions negotiable upon rental

    • Rates subject to adjustment based on time of day, previously scheduled events, and licensing fee of film


While utilizing the Cape Cinema grants access to the use of our stage, lobby, screen, and microphone set-ups, we can offer additional services for a fee. This fee of $250 covers a 3 hour event and the swapping of lighting as well as multiple slideshows and videos during an event. Utilizing multiple pieces (and possible sources) of media takes prearrangement and a dedicated employee. This fee ensures that we can provide you with the help to run this media.


Events that involve cleanup in excess to the norm will incur a cleanup fee of $200. This will be discussed ahead of time for limitations on what is allowed but generally involves the use of fliers, raffle tickets, confetti, food plates, and similar messes. We reserve the right to add this fee on after an initial agreement has been reached and signed, as needed, but have never had to do so. Our clients and their guests are almost always the peak of politeness.


For those who need or desire something that we do not have on hand, arrangements can be made to the best of our ability. The costs of these arrangements will be handled by the appropriate party and discussed by the Cinema and our clients during our initial agreements. Please be aware of significant needs during our initial meeting so that we may best serve you and avoid any problems during the planning and preparation stages of any event.

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