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Membership Changes & Point Rewards!

The time has finally arrived for a much needed upgrade to our Membership Program. While a part of you may be disappointed as to the increase in membership costs, we hope that you understand the need and that the other changes help make up for that increase, at least a little.

Let us begin with the Core Membership. This will cost $25 per person for a one year membership. This is replacing our previous membership and acts as the baseline for all memberships moving forward. It will provide members with a $2.00 discount on all normally priced tickets, as well as Throwback Thursday tickets. They will also continue to earn you points at a rate of 8 per dollar on tickets and 10 per dollar on concessions. More on that below.

We are also introducing our new Throwback and Arts Memberships. These will both cost $50 per person and includes all the benefits of a Core Membership. On top of that Throwback Members will be able to get into Throwback Thursday shows for just $5.00 as throwback pricing. Arts members will be able to save on their tickets for things like Art Documentaries, the National Theatre, and similar screenings. They will save $3.00 on each of these ticket types.

For those who prefer a wide variety of material we will also be introducing a Gold Membership at only $75 per person for one year. This membership will get you access to not only the Core discounts but also both Throwback and Arts discounts! As we move forward and explore the options our system allows we hope to expand what these memberships can do for you as well as offering high tier memberships with extra benefits.

Finally, let's talk about our rewards point system. Many of you who have been with us for years are currently sitting on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of points. Until now you have had nothing to spend them on. Starting tomorrow we are introducing points rewards as described below. Please note that we do not yet have a method for you to check on your current balance online, but as we figure some things out, we will do our best to make that option available to you.

Small Soda - 400

Medium Soda - 500

Large Soda - 550

Small Popcorn - 600

Medium Popcorn - 750

Large Popcorn - 900

Cookie - 400

Beanie - 2500

T-Shirt - 3000

Hoodie - 4000

And as one final thank you for all of our long time members, we want you to know that we are reducing the prices of the above memberships when they are achieved through renewal. For the time being, anyone who needs to renew, wants to add a year onto their renewal, or wishes to change their Membership type you will save money. Keep in mind, if you have 5 months left of a regular membership and renew into the Arts membership you will end up with a total of 17 months of Arts membership at a discounted price. Those discounted renewals can be found below.

Core Renewal - $15.00

Throwback Renewal - $30.00

Arts Renewal - $30.00

Gold Renewal - $50.00

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