April 25 - May 1
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A middle-aged former Miss Brittany needs more than a cigarette break in this road movie from actress and occasional writer-director Emmanuelle Bercot that's constructed entirely around a tender, generous performance from the iconic Catherine Deneuve. Bettie ( a role written specifically for Deneuve) is an almost-broke restaurant owner from a small town in Brittany with her sole claim to fame being her 1969 win in a regional beauty contest. Her tiny provincial world comes apart when the man she loves (never seen) takes up a with a hot 25-year-old, prompting Bettie to take a break during the lunch service at her restaurant and drive off in her dirty-brown Mercedes to buy cigarettes, even though she quit smoking years ago. She ends up on a grand adventure. On the go, she runs into a string of mostly nice oddballs, picks up a sidekick -- her rambunctious grandson Charly from her troubled estranged daughter -- and charms her way across France, all the while bumming cigarettes from what seems like most of the country’s residents. It’s a journey paved with predictable encounters that end exactly as expected, but they are all strung together with high spirits that never threaten to spoil the pleasant mood of a happy-go-lucky romp in the French countryside. (NR, 116 mins. French with subtitles).